Chris Newman Trust


On the 30th July 2001 Chris Newman’s life was completely turned upside down when he watched his 18 month old sister, Beanca, die beside him. 

Their mother had been tying them up at night to show them that ‘bed time was bed time’ and little Beanca gave up the fight and suffocated in a filthy dirty bed.


Their mother, Rebecca Haliday and her then partner Daniel Green, were sentenced to 6 years for manslaughter, Haliday was released on parole after serving only 2 years.


Chris was saved by his Father, Simon and Grandmother, Jenny. 
Jenny is now Chris’ legal guardian. 


On June 28th 2008 the papers announced that Haliday, who had finished her parole in February was 6 months pregnant. She has since given birth and Child Protection have allowed her to keep the baby.


Chris is now 14 years old. On top of everything that has happened, the trauma he has gone through, he is also severely Autistic and has no verbal communication skills.


Since this life changing event Jenny has become the Chairperson for the Parent Support Network; they support carers who have children with disabilities and special needs.

Jenny is the Secretary for VOCAL a Victims of Crime Advocacy League working to provide support, information and knowledge to Victims. Jenny has been elected to the Board of Directors at Irabina an Autism specific early intervention program. Jenny is the Vice President.

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